Air Conditioning System Check

When summer arrives each year, the ambient temperature starts to rise quickly - and uncomfortably. Naturally, you reach for your air conditioner for a little fresh, cold relief, but uh-oh: the unit is making odd noises, working sluggishly, or emitting a musty odor and dust. It looks like you skipped your residential air conditioning check!

Don't make this mistake this year; it's the perfect time to call our dedicated service team to inspect your residential air conditioning unit. We'll make sure it's ready to handle the demands of a warm, humid season without letting you down when you need it most.

Why You Need an AC Tune-Up

An underperforming AC unit isn't just annoying - it could actually be doing damage to your home and finances. If, for example, the unit is draining incorrectly, that water might be traveling up against the foundation of your house, into your windowsills, or seeping into you basement, depending on unit location. If your air conditioner coils or filters are dirty, your unit will have to pull more power to do the same job - driving up your electrical bill in the process. If damage or performance issues aren't addressed quickly, you could also be on the financial hook for emergency service or even the cost of a full unit replacement.

Want to make sure your AC is summer-ready? We offer:

  • Testing to ensure your air conditioner has the right amount of refrigerant.
  • Safely flushing and replacing refrigerant that is no longer up to standard.
  • Inspection of coils and fins for dust, debris and damage that could impact performance.
  • Checking and replacing air conditioner filters, if needed.
  • Adding oil to larger unit motors and checking belts and fans for wear and tear.
  • Determining if your unit size and output is correctly aligned with your energy needs.
  • Recommendations for energy savings and efficient air conditioning usage.

This season, don't take chances with the state of your air conditioner! You deserve to be cool and comfortable no matter what the temperature is like outside, and that starts contacting us for an air conditioner checkup. Stay cool this summer - give us a call today!