Air Conditioning Installation

With global temperatures on the rise, and summer stretching out before us, you should not be without air conditioning. This summer is expected to be one of the hottest ones yet. Don't live in an oven all season or attempt to escape every day to someplace cooler. Instead, call us for your new central air conditioner and residential air conditioning installation needs.

From start to finish, we can set up the leveled ground where the outside components and condenser box will sit, wire the whole system into your home, and make sure the cooled air properly and effectively utilizes your forced air system. If you have never had a central air conditioner before, the whole process takes but a few hours. If you are replacing a dead air conditioner or one that is just not energy efficient anymore, the process takes a little less time because all of the wiring and leveled ground is already done.

Our HVAC technicians will then test every aspect of the installation to make sure the whole system is in excellent working order. This is followed by a test that includes turning the system on via your thermostat, and waiting for the sensation of cold air to blow from your vents. If necessaary, tweaks are made and then the job is complete.

Besides central air conditioners, we may have some other cooling options that can help you keep cool this summer. Some are more expensive to install than others. A few options are energy-efficient and may qualify for tax rebates. We can help you find the exact cooling solution for the price you can afford to pay.

If you are worried about payments, we take many forms of payment. There may be some rebates on the air conditioner ro system you choose as well. Ask us about financing if you do not have the full purchase price for your unit, and ask about any deals we are running right now. Additionally, if you are worried about scheduling your installation appointment, ask us about after-hours appointments. We may be able to accommodate you.