Heat Pump Replacements

A heat pump can be an ultimate solution for all your year-round comfort needs. It cools homes during the warmer seasons and warms them in the colder months. However, like all other mechanical systems, a heat pump is subject to technical malfunction. Thus, you have two options to ensure proper operation of the system:

Replace the Heat Pump Components

Here are some of the components that can be replaced:

The filters

If the indoor air quality is poor, then you should consider filter replacement. Regular (usually monthly) replacements help your heat pump operate at optimal levels by ensuring proper airflow. They also keep your home free from allergens, dust, and germs.

The condensing unit

You can replace the condensing unit (outside unit) if no other major heat pump components have failed or the inside unit was replaced recently.

Replace the Entire Heat Pump System

HVAC professionals recommend that you replace the heat pump when:

  • It is older than 10 years since most heat pumps have lifespans of between 10 and 15 years
  • It requires frequent repairs, and your energy bills are spiking up
  • Your equipment operation is poor or you have inadequate equipment
  • Your system is noisy
  • And more….

Count on HVACs Today: Your Heat Pump Replacement Company

Heat pumps are durable systems that increase your home comfort, but they at one point or the other need replacement. At HVAC Today, we acknowledge the need for component or total replacement service to ensure efficiency of your system. Our highly trained and seasoned technicians will work and complete the job within 24 hours to avoid any inconveniences. Upon completion, we employ a cleanup procedure to ensure that we don't leave behind any construction debris or packaging. Besides, we offer;

  • Availability 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Service for all residential brands
  • Worry-free payment plans that respect your budget

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