Ventilation Repair and Replacement

Mechanical ventilation systems circulate air in your home, bring fresh air in, remove moisture, and get rid of air pollutants. These systems typically consist of most of the following components:

  • Air ducts
  • Exhaust fans (bathroom and kitchen)
  • Dryer ducting/venting
  • Water heater ducting/venting
  • Hood ducting/venting (range hoods, extractor hoods, and exhaust hoods)
  • Make-up air units

Your ventilation system should be designed to improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling system and to keep those utility costs low. This necessitates an airtight seal. This design is prevalent in homes that were constructed in the past 15 to 20 years. It prevents or decreases air leakage that detrimentally impacts energy efficiency. The downsides of these airtight ventilation systems are a lack of fresh air, excess moisture, and indoor air contaminants.

Older homes achieve air ventilation naturally, through cracks in the residential shell around doors and windows. This design is problematic due to its inability to control outside factors, like wind speed, weather and topography.

With these tough jobs to perform, your home's ventilation system is placed under a great deal of ongoing strain. Problems can easily develop without the proper maintenance and servicing.

Common Signs You Need Repair or Replacement

Poor ventilation in your home can lead to several problems and issues. The following may be signs that your ventilation system needs servicing or replacement.

  • Inadequate initial ventilation design
  • Poor/decreased air flow
  • Leaky air ducts
  • Registers and grills with loose or faulty seals
  • Uneven temperatures throughout your residence
  • Reduced comfort levels
  • Stuffy air
  • Excessive dust
  • Noisy ducts
  • Increasing/excessive heating bills

A damaged or inadequate ventilation system can cause far more than high utility bills and discomfort. It can also be a safety hazard. Appliance venting is essential for proper operation, and faulty venting systems can result in overheating, shutdowns, and even fires. Never ignore signs of poorly operating ventilation.

Reliable Repair and Replacement Services

At HVACs Today, we service energy recovery & heat recovery, exhaust, balanced, and supply whole-house ventilation systems. We offer full service, from inspection and repair to replacement and installation. If you're experiencing problems with your cooling and heating system, venting, exhaust fans or any other HVAC-related issues, call on HVACs Today to schedule an inspection. We'll uncover the problem and provide the solution. Count on us.